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Rhinoplasty, a nose surgery with natural results.

Rhinoplasty Natural Results (Natural)

Achieving a natural and perfect nose is the main objective of any patient when undergoing rhinoplasty, thanks to the great advances in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery it is possible to achieve it with experienced and renowned professionals. An important element in this intervention is to achieve symmetry between the nose and the nose with the face, since facial symmetry is generally always associated with beauty.

Rinoplasia Naturales
Cirugia De Nariz Naturales
Rinoplastia Natural

Objective - la Natural Symmetry

Carrying out a small touch-up on the nose or a larger one depends on the singularities of each nose, although the objective sought is always the same: to achieve a nose that, after the intervention, looks better and its proportionality and harmony are totally in accordance with the facial features, always looking for naturalness and symmetry.

The best surgery is the one that nobody notices because of its naturalness, there are no standard samples where the patient can choose a nose, since each patient is a different case. For this reason, at Clínica Opción Médica the first step of the Plastic Surgeon is to carry out a careful study of each face and get to know the person and their interests to achieve the best results.

Nose Surgery allows to act on the angle it forms with the forehead, modify the back, restructure the tip, narrow the nostrils, decrease or increase the size, correct congenital or acquired defects, correct deviations and even improve the passage of air and breathing, very necessary in the case of some patients.


To perform a Rhinoplasty and achieve the objective of each patient and the Plastic Surgeon, different techniques or procedures can be used.

Closed Rhinoplasty techniques are performed by making a slight incision through the nasal orifices (nostrils). They do not leave a visible scar and the back of the nose can be corrected by removing part of the bone and correcting the shape and size of the tip (wing cartilages), etc.

Cases previously operated on, or treated due to trauma, require open Rhinoplasty techniques in order to expand the field of action. The nostrils are separated by an incision in the columella (skin that separates the two nostrils) and the nose can be reversed.

It is a simple and safe intervention that lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the technique used, always decided by the Plastic Surgeon. Its results are immediate and highly satisfactory for all patients.

Types of techniques.

The specialized surgeon will study the case so that the chosen technique offers the best result, providing the nose with naturalness and harmony with the other elements of the face.

Rinoplastia Cerrado Naturales

It is important to take age into account since there are two types of rhinoplasty

closed rhinoplastywhich is performed through cuts within the mucosa, it is simpler but must be performed by an expert


open rhinoplastyIn this case, the skin of the inner area of the nose is opened and the entire nasal tip is exposed.


In both cases, surgery should be performed in people with complete development, that is, in women over 16 years of age, when the anatomical development is complete, while in men maturation reaches up to 18 years of age.

The ideal results of a rhinoplasty have a great weight on the psychological part of the patient. Logically, rhinoplasty seeks to improve the aesthetics of the nose and people who resort to these procedures feel a certain discomfort with themselves. This leads them to go through situations of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, which is why they look for a solution to their problem in rhinoplasty. However, if such a procedure does not go smoothly and the goal of a natural-looking nose is not achieved, the patient may fall into deep depression or a severe case of low self-esteem, which will affect his or her life. daily.

Therefore, the importance of having a good surgeon who is capable of making this procedure almost imperceptible to others. In this way, not only will you achieve a harmonious and natural nose for the patient, but your confidence and self-esteem will also increase.

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