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Rhinoplasty- Prices Nose job – costs/quote Dr Edgar Felipe Diaz

How much can a nose surgery cost? What´s the average price of a rhinoplasty? What´s the average price of a rhinoplasty?

Consider rhinoplasty, as an investment. A great investment in yourself!

The benefits are forever. You will immediately enjoy self-esteem, you will feel empowered, and confidence. .

Looking Great, Feel Great.

Some nose surgeries or rhinoplasties are cheaper than others. In fact, primary rhinoplasty is the least expensive. Its not the case when talk about a revision or secondary rhinoplasty, post-oncological rhinoplasty, reconstructive, post-traumatic rhinoplasty or rhinoplasties performed due to congenital anomalies. Technical isssues and prolonged room surgery rates turn these procedures into very expensive ones.

What truly matters is selecting a well known, well educated and renowned Plastic Surgeon. Try not to focus on prices. Quality and expertise is what you want!!

More than 3000 nationals and around 2000 foreign patients travel each year to Colombia to perform rhinoplasty. The reason; prices are fair and reasonable.

Stay away from those whom offer free consultations and promotional cheap surgeries. Such offers are misleading and lack credibility. May turn to be dangerous.

Two simple ways to get a quote (rhinoplasty).

First, schedule an online doctor consultation. No matter if you live overseas. Doctor Edgars Felipe Diaz will attend your inquiries . Dr Edgar Felipe Diaz is bilingual and speaks fluent English. Online consultations are done through Whatsapp or Skype platforms. Second, once you arrive Colombia book an in-person consultation, its better to enjoy a face-to-face appointment where 3D simulations and all inquiries are answered.


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