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Nose Job

The nose has an important role in the appearance of the face due to its central location, it becomes in a characteristic that gives facial harmony to each person. If you don´t like the size and shape of your nose or you have some discomfort in your breathing (deviated septum or dilated turbinates), it is crucial for you to decide to perform a rhinoplasty and or Septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is performed with

  • General or local anesthesia

  • Duration: From 1 to 2 hours

  • Inability: 4 or 5 days according to medical indications

Nose anatomy.jpg

What is the Rhinoplasty procedure?

The nose is largely determined by a bone and cartilage that lies underneath the skin of the nose, from incisions that are made inside the nose, they mold or remove these deep structures of both the bone or nasal cartilage. To spit the tip of the nose, It is sometimes necessary to make an incision in the skin that divides the nostrils (columella) to narrow the wings of the nose, this incision heals very well, leaving an imperceptible line at the base of the nose.
After the operation, a plaster or plastic rhinoplasty splint is placed over the nose to protect it while it’s healing, which is maintained for a week

Consultation Process for Rhinoplasty Surgery

Nasal surgery aims to give symmetry and harmony to the face, and since cosmetic surgery recognices that all people are different, therefore, successful interventions are determined by the result of the appearance of the nose and its interaction with the rest of face.
The consultation takes about an hour, in which it is revealed aspects of the operation such as the pros and cons of the procedure. It is vital to announce the patient’s expectations and the surgeon’s assessment so mutual goals can be agreed upon. Remember that a successful plastic surgery depends on proper communication and relationship between the patient and the surgeon.

General Tips Before Rhinoplasty

  • A week before surgery - Preparing for Rhinoplasty
    • Inform the doctor about any illness or allergy.
    • Avoid taking aspirin or anticoagulant medication.
    • Refrain from smoking two weeks before the procedure and do not consume alcoholic beverages 72 hours before the intervention.
    • Drink plenty of fluids before surgery.
    A day before
    • The night before surgery, you have to wash your face with an antibacterial solution, which will remove germs from the skin that could cause infections.
    • Do not eat food after midnight.
    • Sleep properly.

  • Day of Rhinoplasty surgery
    • Again, wash your face properly with the antibacterial solution.
    • Do not ingest food until the surgery is done.
    • Do not use any cosmetic or hair products.
    • Choose comfortable and loose-fitting clothing such as button-down garments on the front, elastic pants or wide sweaters.
    • Bring the results of laboratory analysis, X-ray, cardiovascular assesments requested by the surgeon.
    • It is important that a family member stays with you before and after surgery.
    • A splint can be placed on the outside of the nose to protect it and help maintain the new shape during the healing process, approximately for one week.
    • It is common to feel the nose plugged. However, do not blow your nose.
    • Take the medications according to the time and in the recommended doses.
    • Provision of light and easy to digest foods, such as juices, soups, and cookies, so you can eat them after the operation.

Recovery for Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty recovery is a vital stage where each person must follow the recommendations and according care. It should be emphasized that it implies a change in the routine of each person in order to favor excellent results of the surgery.
• During the first few days, you have to sleep in a sit down position, then face up to avoid pressure on the sides of the face.
• Apply cold compresses, for example, ice bags or cloths to relieve inflammation and bruises.
• Post week points are removed after an open type interventions.
• Do not expose to the sun for at least two months after the procedure.
• Do not play sports for approximately three weeks or strenuous exercise activities for six weeks after the procedure.
• If you usually wear glasses that rest on your nose, you should switch to contact lenses.
• The final result of rhinoplasty is observed in a year. At the beginning, there will be inflammation that will decrease in approximately two weeks and continue to fall during the rest of the month.

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